Rep. Dennis Kucinich’s decision to support a health care reform bill that’s up for a vote in the House of Representatives has provoked speculation that President Obama agreed to give the Cleveland Democrat’s wife, Elizabeth, a White House job in exchange for his vote. The Cleveland congressman says it’s not so, and traces the rumor’s […]

And you thought Roland was pissed at Rush Limbaugh before?! He’s got a whole new reason to rant after Limbaugh and 700 Club’s Pat Robertson made some crazy statements regarding the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti.

Now Roland is calling for Limbaugh to step into the ring and join him on the Washington Watch set for a REAL discussion on race.

Dear Michael Steele, You are in between a rock in a hard place. You seem to talk one way to Black people and another to your Republican colleagues. Do you really think white Republicans are scared of you?