This is hilarious Kevin Hart questions disgruntled fans that we kicked out of his show: Check out the video below:

Charlotte, North Carolina (CNN)-Videos (see below) released Saturday by the Charlotte police department of the fatal encounter between Keith Scott and officers do little to answer some of the most significant questions about the shooting. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Kerr Putney has said as much since the Tuesday shooting that sparked protests and brought nationwide media […]

Unrest in the city of Charlotte, NC came the other day in the wake of the police shooting death of Keith Lamont Scott at 4 o’clock in the afternoon in an apartment complex parking lot. According to police he was armed but family members that were there video taping the event, says that was not […]

The love between Black men and Black women is truly like no other and talented Hip Hop veteran Common is looking to bring that feeling to the forefront of the music conversation again with a new mini documentary titled, “Love Star.” [read rest of story on Essence] Check out the exclusive premiere of the short […]

October 15th at 8 pm, Lifetime will air Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michel’le, which tells the tale of Michel’le Toussaint, who rose to fame in the early days of rap as the so-called “First Lady of Ruthless Records.” Surrounded by industry titans like Eazy-Z , Tupac Shakur, and obviously Suge Knight and Dr. Dre, […]

This short film, narrated by Jay Z (Shawn Carter) and featuring the artwork of Molly Crabapple, is part history lesson about the war on drugs and part vision statement. As Ms. Crabapple’s haunting images flash by, the film takes us from the Nixon administration and the Rockefeller drug laws — the draconian 1973 statutes enacted […]

When Uncle Charlie sings “The National Anthem” knees that were dropped rise and everything shuts down. Check out Charlie Wilson doing just that at LAX:

The 15 year hiatus is over and R&B is making a resurgence. Bell, Biv, Devoe has released not only new music but a video too, titled “RUN”. (Note to the new school this is how it’s done) Ricky, Mike and Ron masterfully stepped back on the scene being extremely relevant without looking or sounding like […]

Northeast Ohio is a little unknown hot bed of greatness of many facets. LeBron James #JustAKidFromAkron is a champion in sports and hometown from Akron, OH. But the unknown is Howard Hewett is the champion of music with Grammy’s from the 330 as well. Check out this full episode of “UNSUNG” featuring no other than […]

When it comes to celebrities and their personal lives the line can be very blurry. Social Media has made their lives a tell all by the second book. And because they are who they are, this practice of reporting their personal business has been given the green light without provocation. But the question is…is there […]

True Chaka Khan fans I am happy to report!! Chaka Khan checked herself in to get herself together, then checked out, to knock out fans this pat weekend in legendary fashion. Chaka Khan truly went Through the Fire and back to the stage flawlessly. AND THE CROWDS WENT WILD!!! Check out the videos below

The mighty mighty O’Jays took the “Love Train” to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Check out the videos below: