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How long do we hold things we shouldn’t? There comes a time in life when we must let go of the past. We must move on. It is the only way that we can become healthy and happy  individuals. When we hold on to the past we block all the blessings  that are marked for us. When we hold on to the past, we never heal.

It is part of human nature to hold grudges and become set in our ways. They say the hardest thing any person does in life is learn to create and embrace change. You are not alone when it comes to holding on to things. We replay the infractions, insults or arguments over and over until we have picked apart every detail.

Part of life is learning when to move on. It’s hard to move on when the hurt and the pain is so deep we cannot think unless we dwell upon it. That is not what we were created for. We wallow in our misery. We wonder what we will do next.

When we label ourselves, we are labeling our future. Why not create something positive?

Our past is not the present, and it is certainly not our future. Let us win in our own imagination and create the possibility of an uplifting future.

To read further about empowering yourself and moving on visit  Uptown Magazine and  begin your voyage. Happy Trails!

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