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“My persuasion can build a nation, endless power, the love we can devour you’ll do anything for me.” -Beyonce, Who Run the World (Girls)

It’s not my favorite song but when it comes to the particular effect that girls have on the world, words like this aren’t often spoken. Despite Beyonce’s “girl power” anthem, the world at large actually resembles a patriarchal society. But what if the world was run by girls? At the very least, it sounds like a refreshing change of pace. Nature gives the female half of our species abilities males lack. In a world facing trying times, widespread use of feminine traits and abilities stand to benefit us all.

A female dominated society is hard to imagine steeped in our male driven reality, but the world’s conflicts require more compassion, dialogue and understanding. Issues that should be within the realm of common sense divides votes, like ensuring the well-being of citizens with affordable healthcare. This kind of nonsense just wouldn’t happen under a Girl World Order (GWO).

So what’s a GWO?

A society whose underlying principals attribute power to women, yet promote an egalitarian environment. Everything from the simple stuff like a man taking a woman’s last name and the inheritance chain being linked to girls to the majority of leaders being women. Basically the gender opposite of the reality we know and love.

In some circles, this kind of talk is heresy. In others it will warrant tapping of your cell phone and email. Maybe it merely sounds like wishful thinking. Though when you see a world that can be better by being radically different, wishful thinking is always what helps get you there. So join us as we put on a pair of “what if” goggles to imagine some of the ways we’d be better off with girls running the world.

One of the ironies of life in America is the structures in place to support families. While every expert and person with any leverage to wag a finger will say, “It’s all about family” and “discipline and values start in the home,” the strongest institution in our nation–corporate America–is no place for children. The majority of employers have no childcare options and skim childcare benefits, if any.

Our leaders (most of them men) are quick to tout the importance of family but women live that reality, often by any means necessary and without the help of men. It doesn’t go down like that in a Girl World Order.

The GWO has legislation requiring qualifying employers to make provisions for parent employees. You’d never feel guilty for taking maternity or paternity leave and on site childcare would be a requirement for large-filthy rich corporations.

In the real world, education is a massive industry in our nation and infinitely more vital than TV commercials. If you think that’s an odd comparison, you’d be surprised to know that America spends more on money on advertising than education.

It’s plain to see that the GWO does a much better job of caring for our youth. Education is merely an extension of that. With a stronger focus on education, both in resources and classrooms built for the 21st century (as opposed to the current one built for the 20th century farm kid), we all grow up to be better equipped for prosperity.

Do men have a role in this agenda? Sure. Crunching the numbers and teaching the babies to meter their emotions. But the big decisions are better left to smart people with ovaries.

Anyone remember that hippy slogan, peace in the middle east? It probably peaked in popularity about 30 years ago and to this day those people are still trying to eradicate one another. Many agree that there are times when force is necessary but a civilized mind sees that it is overused and perpetuated by testosterone driven nations.

In the GWO, the world is shaped by women, who respond differently to conflict than male counterparts. Of course there would still be conflicts and likely a lot more “cold war” scenarios. But giving another country a inferiority complex beats dropping an A-bomb any day.

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Source: MadameNoire