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GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has made a bold assertion regarding his bid for candidacy in the upcoming November election. Speaking to a largely empty Ford Field stadium crowd, the former Massachusetts governor paraded his qualifications in order to make his case as to why he should be the Republican nominee to challenge President Barack Obama this fall — all the while claiming a premature victory.

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“I not only think I have the best chance – I think I have the only chance,” said Romney.

Speaking from the 30-yard line of the Detroit Lions home field to the Detroit Economic Club, Romney spoke in the state where he was born and where his father, George, was once governor. Romney is doing his best to avert what would be an embarrassing loss in the state of his birth. Polls indicate that former senator and fellow GOP frontrunner Rick Santorum will prove to be a strong opponent. The Michigan primary begins on Feb. 28, the same day as Arizona’s primary, which polls say Romney is leading.

If Romney were to be the Republican candidate and defeat Obama, despite all signs pointing to a narrow loss, his positions are staunchly conservative and out of touch for a large number of middle class Americans, especially Blacks and others in the Hispanic community.

Boasting economic revival, lowering taxes, and shrinking government, Romney has yet to enrapture his Republican base. Reports say that Romney’s questionable ethics regarding offshore accounts and his Mormon faith are just some of the reasons why many GOP voters remain skeptical. Some conservative political analysts have even said that Romney’s presidency could be detrimental to the Right’s causes in the long run and call him a pandering politician willing to play the middle for votes.


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