CLEVELAND – AT&T set the date for its launch of Mobile Share plans. This is the second carrier to change its pricing plans. Verizon made the switch to shared data plans in late June . With both plans, you get unlimited talk and text and you choose a data plan to share among several phones.

AT&T announced Monday it’s new plans will be available starting Aug. 23. The phone carrier is marketing the plans as a value to customers because the larger data plan you choose the less you pay per gigabyte.

The new plans have confused some customers, though, and some report their bill will actually increase.

If you go over your data limit, you get charged a fee of about $15 per carrier for an additional amount of data. If you choose one of these plans, make sure you sign up for alerts so you know when you are approaching the limits.

With AT&T’s plan, you must have at least one smartphone in your group on the plan. You can choose up to nine additional devices to add to your group plan.

AT&T is not requiring you switch your plans, and the company has a calculator to help you figure out the costs associated with the new plan.

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