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Michelle Obama is the latest hacking victim in what has become an alarming breach of security, reports TMZ.

The website that has disclosed detailed financial information about celebs like Beyonce, Jay-Z, Britney Spears, Donald Trump and Kim Kardashian has now revealed personal financial info about the First Lady .

The website has posted Michelle’s credit report, which includes her social security number, phone numbers, banking and mortgage info and credit card details.

The website also hacked into Joe Biden’s history, but the info the hackers were able to obtain was extremely limited. They obtained much more in Michelle’s case.

When you click on Michelle’s name on the website, it reveals this comment: “Blame your husband, we still love you, Michelle.”

“So this could be more than sport,” notes TMZ, “Maybe this is a clue the hackers have beef with the president.”

According to TMZ, the Secret Service and the F.B.I. “have taken an unusually cautious stance by not even confirming the existence of an investigation … although law enforcement sources tell us they are extremely concerned about the leaks and other powerful people who may have been compromise.

article courtesy of Eurweb.com

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