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A local 911 dispatcher and a stranger in the right place at the right time teamed up to save the life of a baby born two months premature on the side of a road in Macomb County, Mich., Fox 2 News Detroit reports.

Ryan Cornelissen has dreams of becoming a police officer someday, but the 21-year-old got some impromptu life-saving training when he least expected it.

“I was driving down the road and a man flagged me down.” Cornelissen told Fox 2. “I pulled over and he ran up to me talking in a different language. All I understood was, ‘my wife, my wife.’”

The man’s wife has just delivered a baby in the front seat of the family’s car while driving down the road; the baby girl was two months premature and wasn’t breathing.

But neither Macomb county dispatcher Steven Kukuk nor Cornelissen panicked. Kukuk walked the 21-year-old through exactly how to give the little girl CPR.

911 call:

Dispatcher: You are gonna cover the babies mouth and nose with your mouth.

Cornelissen: Ok.

Dispatcher: Just blow two puffs of air in her mouth. Ok. Two slow breaths.

Cornelissen: Two slow breaths?

Dispatcher: Two slow breaths. You should be able to see the chest rise.

Eventually, the baby started breathing.

It was the longest 6 minutes of Cornelissen’s life, but he is happy he was there when the newborn needed him most. He also says he would love to meet the dispatcher who helped him to save the newborn.

Cornelissen told Fox 2 the parents are very grateful for his help and want him to be involved in the baby’s life. “They want me and my family to come over when the baby comes home (from the hospital and be there) for the baby shower,” he said. “They want me around for good, I’m guessing.”

He is expected to get an award from the Macomb County Sheriffs Department in May for being a civilian who went above and beyond to help his fellow citizen.

The mom and baby are doing fine.

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