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Many people consider Christian music and mainstream music two completely different worlds. Artists are often one or the other, but usually not both at the same time. Also, fans typically tend to disapprove when Christian and Gospel artists crossover to do secular music, but how do the actual artists themselves feel about the crossover?

TobyMac is labeled a pioneer in contemporary Christian music. He was one of the first musicians to introduce Christian rapping to the world on a large scale. In an interview with the Chicago tribune Mac, described what he thinks about the separation of genres.

I think the walls are coming down between genres of music in general, and especially Christian music. It never made that much difference, anyway. There’s hip-hop artists, there’s rock artists, there’s pop artists, all in that thing called Christian. It’s better to me if you label music based on the style and it’s out there with everybody else,” he said.

He went on and spoke about his faith and how it communicates through his particular writing style. “I’ve written a lot of songs that aren’t in your face with it. I think there’s nuance to what we do, there’s timing to what we do, there’s wisdom to what we do. To me, yeah, I write songs, and every conversation I have, it might not be about God, but I hope that God is in it.”

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