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'London Art Chase' and 'A Dolphin Wish' first entries in Natalie Grant's 'Glimmer Girls' book series

Award-winning contemporary Christian singer-songwriter Natalie Grant has been in the spotlight for almost 17 years, and with numerous awards, hit records and even a biography of her own under her belt, she now turns the spotlight in a different direction. Her daughters.

In the first two books of the four-part series “Glimmer Girls,” Grant, with three young daughters of her own, takes tweens on an exhilarating ride through the perspective of each of the three girls in “London Art Chase” and “A Dolphin Wish.”

It’s part fiction but all fun.

In “London Art Chase,” the Glimmer family crosses the pond to watch their mom, singer Gloria Glimmer, perform in the British capital. But as the three girls and their nanny, Miss Julia, start to explore all that London has to offer, Maddie starts to feel an awkwardness. After all, it’s not easy to find what makes her glimmer and be a twin all the time.

During one specific trip to the National Art Gallery, the three girls see what they believe to be an art theft. Art lover Maddie knows for sure what she saw and tries to convince the others to chase after him before it’s too late.

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source: BreatheCast.com

‘London Art Chase’ And ‘A Dolphin Wish’ Marks Exciting Start Of Natalie Grant’s ‘Glimmer Girls’ Series  was originally published on praisecleveland.com