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Candace Owens at Conservative Political Action Conference CPAC

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

The hour I wish I could get back this week is the one I spent listening to the “interview” of Candace Owens on the Breakfast Club by Charlamagne tha God (of…?) yesterday. I actually never thought I’d say that there was a Black person in the news field who was less courageous than Don Lemon, but here we are.

Even if I could look past the fact that Charlamagne didn’t challenge Owens on the long list of hateful diatribes she’s spit out when Black people have been killed, or her vulgar, ahistorical comments about Hitler, how can he have ignored her factual impotence? How could he leave unchallenged her bizarre and uniformed (read: lying) remarks about Trump?

College dropout Candy literally expressed her commitment to Trump because, counter to top economists on both sides of the aisle, she declared we (Black people) were financially better under his administration.

Wait wait wait wait wait. Rewind. College dropout Candy wants us to believe she knows anything about national and global economies? Her initial remarks on this were met by my innocent daughter who overheard the discussion between Charlamagne and Candy asking me –all jokes aside– if I was watching an SNL episode.

No baby girl. This is a real Black woman telling Black people that Trump is better for us. She’s saying ignore those pesky facts like how he was the only president since Hoover who left office with fewer jobs in the country than what existed when he began. (Quick reference: Hoover’s policies ushered in the Great Depression).

Pay no attention to the former president’s / current criminal defendant’s failed horrific response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which not only cost hundreds of thousands of lives, disproportionately Black lives, but who also decimated work opportunities for Black people. More than others and certainly more than white people, Black people had jobs that could not translate to working from home which meant the longer Trump failed to oversee a coherent national policy, the longer we remained ill and unable to work or died. Also, FWIW, ignore the nearly half-a-billion dollar fine imposed on Trump this month when he was found guilty of fraud. (He also got himself banned from operating his own businesses in New York State for the next several years and now dude is begging working people for 20 buck donations so he can pay off what’s basically a him-thing.)

Of course, one wonders if, like his old runny boy-pal, Rudolph Giuliani, he actually needs money to cover the legal costs associated with the criminal charges he now faces in Georgia for election interference.

How could Charlamagne not have challenged Candy when she went rogue on any and all facts and was like this is all why he’ll be great for the welfare-dependent Blacks.

Hold one, wait. How you just throw us up in there when everyone knows that Trump’s welfare policies were enacted when he gave (mostly) white corporations led by billionaires a tax cut, AKA Welfare, AKA the real real stimulus check?

Keeping an ear to the ground about the rantings of the crazy/uniformed/ mean-spirited liars who reach some kind of terrible tipping point that gets their idiocy platforms on popular radio shows like The Breakfast Club, is an awful and consistent workplace hazard that plagues journalists because it’s one we often cannot avoid. And despite noting her kooky, wrongheaded babbling with Charlamagne yesterday and his lack of any sort of journalistic muscularity or integrity in asking questions of the college dropout and self-proclaimed scholar who has a “blueprint” to save Black people from ourselves, listening to people like Owens is like listening to the horrible wait music you get when you call your phone provider: Loud, bad, painful to the ear and distressing. Don’t do it if you don’t have to, beloveds. 

Because college dropout Candace  anchors her authority on social issues to her intellectual curiosity, which is also a fake thing and leads to her consistently drawing false conclusions from shockingly faulty logic. Her interview on the Breakfast Club Thursday morning was kind of like handing the keys to the codes over to the Village Idiot (VI) simply because the VI has hands—and then being surprised when everyone’s blown to pieces.  

Every time Candace Owens lists the itty-bitty cabal of scholars from whom she draws her America-saving “blueprint” theory, she’s actually telling us that she’s actually dumb. I mean, because, make it make sense. If she were, say, talking football, we wouldn’t let her get away with lauding a losing coach who loses because he only understands the strengths and weaknesses of his time, giving no attention to those of the fully 12 other distinct opponents his team will face in any given season.

Do we really think it’s good for us if we expect more from those who lead games we love than from people using platforms in an attempt to lead the society we live in?

I wonder if Owens would ever accept a debate challenge from NewsOne? Would she be willing to publicly?

I want to see Owens hold her own in a debate against a scholar of NewsOne’s choosing. Let’s have live, nonaligned and approved real-time fact-checkers on deck posting corrections or context to either side’s points; and let’s have a listening audience of nationally representative independent voters. At the end of the debate, if they vote that Candace knows what she’s talking about, I will write a public apology, naming that her, um, intellectual curiosity, is supported by independents.

If she loses, she agrees to stop blathering on about matters she is nowhere close to being credentialed on, let alone authoritative. I mean, would you want someone to represent you in court on a criminal charge who didn’t appreciate the expanse of law that could help you? Well I don’t want that in someone who pretends to be a social scientist who knows little about society and less about science and scientific methodology?

And maybe a value-add for our college copout, because she’d have the time to talk about something else she claims expertise on: being a Trad Wife and Mom. Let’s all hear about how she loves her life as a Trad wife and is only blogging late at night after she’s cooked for, cleaned up after and otherwise taken full, unpaid care of her three children and husband.

And I’m sorry. I know I said don’t parse the arguments of an idiot but Owens’ remarks about how we should all be outraged at the idea of Biden running because, like her grandfather, he is in early-stage dementia, I’m having a but, but, but moment because, well…see for yourself.


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