TAMPA, Fla. A Florida judge declared a mistrial Monday in the drug case against four-time Grammy winning reggae singer Buju Banton. The jury, which was deliberating since Thursday, had sent a second note to the judge claiming they were unable to reach a unanimous verdict. Banton was charged with conspiracy to possess and distribute cocaine […]

Sky News is reporting that a parrot named Lorenzo has been arrested for being a lookout for Colombian drug dealers. Apparently the bird would say, “run, run the cat is going to get you” when anybody in a police uniform would walk by. . RELATED STORIES Killer Whale Kills Trainer In Front Of Spectators At […]

Wendy Williams recently aired a show where she discussed her opinion about T.I. and Tiny and their brush with the law last week.  She gave out a little food for thought. She commented that many people are coming down hard on T.I. as to be expected. She went on to say that since Tiny is […]

I will admit that when the first incident with the guns happened, I was on the free T.I. kick. I sympathized with him after he explained that he was in a constant state of paranoia after his friend was murdered in front of him. I understood how witnessing something like that could mess with a […]

Grammy-winning rapper T.I. is headed back to Atlanta and may soon be ordered to face the federal judge who signed off on an extraordinary deal that shaved years off a potential prison term. T.I.’s arrest Wednesday night in Los Angeles for suspicion of possession of methamphetamine could trigger a motion by his probation officer. The […]

YouTube search the term “DXM.” You’ll find thousands of videos that chronicle the adventures teenagers “robotripping,” or getting high on dextromethorphan. This drug is known on the streets as DXM, CCC, Triple C and Skittles. It’s also known as Robo because it is found in a number of over the counter cough and cold medications […]

Rapper T.I. and his wife Tiny were arrested in West Hollywood on drug charges late last night.

Former boxing champ Mike Tyson said in an exclusive interview with POLITICO that he never did drugs aboard Florida U.S. Senate hopeful Jeff Greene’s yacht as they traveled together on the Summerwind in August 2005.

The man who survived a wild gunfight in Harlem Sunday may be facing serious drug trafficking charges once he recovers from his wounds. Cops seized $87,000 in cash as well as evidence of cocaine trafficking yesterday from the home of the man who miraculously survived after being hit by 21 bullets on Sunday, police sources […]