Much like the achievement gap in K-12 schooling, higher education is plagued by its own gap—with respect to minority graduation rates. Nationwide, 60 percent of white students earn a degree within six years on a college campus, compared to only 40 percent of African-Americans and 49 percent of Latinos.

Author Stewart Buck has a new book, “Acting White: The Ironic Legacy Of Desegregation” in which he claims that integration has had a negative affect on African-American education.Richard Thompson Ford at Slate wrote this about the book: It was desegregation that destroyed thriving black schools where black faculty were role models and nurtured excellence among […]

People are losing their jobs left and right these days, and it’s not because of the economy. It’s because of what they say. Two weeks ago, President Obama relieved Gen. Stanley McChrystal of his job as commander of all U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan because of negative remarks he and his aides made about […]

            Great teachers are not born, but made? Watch the story here!

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. – A teacher in Gwinnett County is also under fire for allowing a KKK re-enactment. Students in one Sweetwater Middle School class dressed up in white robes during history class. It was an 8th grade social studies project for students at Sweetwater Middle School. Teacher Stephanie Hunte told the students to choose a […]

Education officials in the US state of Texas have adopted new guidelines to the school curriculum, which critics say will politicise teaching. The changes include teaching that the UN could be a threat to American freedom, and that the Founding Fathers may not have intended a complete separation of church and state. Critics say the […]

CHICAGO, IL – The social net for high school dropouts is gone forever. When the manufacturing base in the U.S. was strong, a young man could drop out of high school and safely land at a factory with an $18 an hour job. Today, young African American males are dropping out of high school at […]

From The New York Times After the child support and the squandered millions, Kenny Anderson was the one who registered for college, who mastered the digital classroom, who studied in his spare time. “My son sees me with books in my knapsack and he says, ‘You’re 39 years old, you’re still going to school?’ ” […]

If you are a Cleveland teacher recently cut by the recent Education cuts?. Check out Mastery Charter Schools in Philadelphia they are hiring teachers, administrators, counselors and more. Log on to to see what opportunities they have available.

Fourth- and eighth-graders in Ohio public schools did better than average on a national reading test given last year. But as was the case in most other states, scores didn’t change much from the last National Assessment of Educational Progressin reading, given in 2007. And gaps remain stubbornly wide between students from different racial and […]

Forty-four Detroit schools and one administrative building will close in June under a $1 billion plan unveiled Wednesday by the city school district’s emergency financial manager. The district has been beset with falling enrollment as well as aging buildings, emergency financial manager Robert Bobb said Wednesday. The plan will allow the district to cut operating […]

It’s no secret that funnyman Drew Carey LOVES Cleveland. The city’s native son has based a large chunk of his career on the struggling city, and now, it’s the focus of a new documentary series slated to air next week. Each episode will delve into the continuing problems plaguing Cleveland. Drew will touch on topics ranging from education […]