Karlesha Thurman (pictured) had no idea that a simple, yet beautiful photo from her college graduation would turn into a national conversation over breastfeeding and…

Congrats, graduates!   You’re about to ride off into the sunrise. I know you’re traveling light, but the road before you is littered with hidden conditions, terms and penalties that can sink your finances before you get very far. So while you’re packing the sunscreen and the graduation gift money, consider taking along just a […]

From The New York Times After the child support and the squandered millions, Kenny Anderson was the one who registered for college, who mastered the digital classroom, who studied in his spare time. “My son sees me with books in my knapsack and he says, ‘You’re 39 years old, you’re still going to school?’ ” […]

(CBS) President Obama delivered the commencement address today at Virginia’s Hampton University – his first as president to a predominantly African-American school. Fifty-five percent of African-American high school seniors go on to college these days, compared to 45 percent in 1970. But graduation day is another story, as CBS News correspondent Russ Mitchell reports. At Hampton University, […]