McMath’s family also notes that she’s been showing some signs of improvements despite concerns from medical officials.   (CNN) — Jahi McMath, a 13-year-old…


CLEVELAND, OH - It was a dominating performance, the Browns overwhelmed the Kansas City Chiefs, and Browns fans watched as young players like Brandon Weeden…


  CLEVELAND – The Browns dropped the ball Sunday. Not trying to use the cliché idiom – just stating the literal. Take whatever else from…

We live in an age of bad news: Rising unemployment, natural disasters and a political system so ridden with corruption, that policy initiatives are abandoned and social welfare programs take a backseat to the pride and prejudice of political power struggles.

They say that when you wake in the morning life looks a little different. Let’s get today going with a burst of hope. There is nothing that can stop you. YOU can be anything. YOU can do anything. 5 Ways To Market Yourself & Combat Overthinking Things may be trying right now. Money may be […]

Hope is the one thing that makes us keep going as humans.

Lebron James is gone! The Chosen One has left us! The King has abandoned his throne! These are the statements that I heard as I got off the plane after returning from our Nations capital. Tears filled the eyes of Clevelanders as they expressed their complete dissatisfaction with No. 23′s choice. My heart filled with […]