White fuzz covers his bald head. His sallow skin sags. A wheelchair and cane support limp legs. This is not the typical image of a prison inmate. But 73-year-old George Sanges is among the burgeoning elderly population behind bars, a group expected to continue to grow as baby boomers age and states implement longer sentences. […]

OPINION: Reality Show? Mike Vick Will Do Anything For A Dollar Company Sued For Michael Vick Dog Toy Michael Vick Looks For Reality Show Deal A person familiar with the release details said suspended NFL star Michael Vick left a Kansas prison Wednesday for home confinement in Virginia, the latest step on a journey that he […]

ESPN is reporting that Michael Vick will be released to home confinement this May. This raises the possibilities of him playing in the next NFL season. There are already rumors that the Minnesota Vikings and several other teams are looking into him. Read the ESPN Report

Former NFL star Michael Vick could be out of federal prison and in a Virginia halfway house by Jan. 20, one of his attorneys told a federal bankruptcy judge Tuesday. Vick is serving a 23-month prison term in Leavenworth, Kan., for bankrolling a dogfighting conspiracy and is scheduled to be released from federal custody around […]