Most of the rappers you care about have children, but most of their young ones stay under the radar. Every now and then they make appearances with their famous parents, and here’s a look at some of hip-hop’s kids. RELATED POSTS: Snoop Dogg’s Daughter Cori B Follows In His Footsteps [VIDEO] T.I.’s Son Domani Raps: […]

It’s not uncommon for rappers to mention their names in songs, but who knew this many spelled their own names in songs? Take a look at this video of rappers doing this, in a video compilation below created by Slakatory. RELATED POSTS: 5 Rappers Who Should Get Married These Rappers Are Animals! [PHOTOS] SOURCE

Rappers in the West African country of Senegal are becoming a powerful political force in their native country. Rappers have been at the forefront of riots and demonstrations that have forced the President of Senegal to not seek a third term. RELATED: Female Sex Tourism In Senegal Attracts Women Who Will Pay For Romance Tupac […]

  This Christmas will be extra special for one local family. Their mother was murdered and her body was dumped on the side of the road. Now a group is stepping up for her kids. 11 year-old Deligha Crockett, one of Angel Bradley-Crockett’s three children was overjoyed by the nice thing rapper “Chief” and the […]

Is it conservative to criticize hip-hop? Recently I wrote an Op-Ed in The Wall Street Journal in which I expressed a feeling of deep disappointment and frustration that Barack Obama would show appreciation — without qualification — for rappers such as Lil Wayne and Jay-Z. I argued that the president can and should listen to […]

  Music affects our subconscious minds in ways that are simply magical.  Songs have been written to inspire revolutions, break-ups, drug use, murder and a plethora of other life-changing activities.   The more times the listener hears the song, the more they are affected by the message. So, if the message is “Party party party […]