In the one-hour “Simpsons” episode titled “The Great Phatsby,” Emmy Award nominee Taraji P. Henson, comedian Keegan-Michael Key and rapper Snoop Dogg lend their voices to characters who help Mr. Burns (Harry Shearer) relive his glory days. Burns crosses paths with a mysterious music mogul, and after being conned by him and reduced to bankruptcy, […]

Hip-Hop’s jack-of-all-trades, RZA of the Wu Tang Clan, (pictured) has signed on to teach incarcerated men how to be exemplary fathers to their children.  On…

Kanye West may be spending time praising Mannie Fresh but Wutang Clan’s The RZA has some kind words for Yeezy. During one of those extensive Red Bull Music Academy lectures The RZA discussed his work with Kanye West on My Dark Twisted Fantasy and what he observed about his work ethic. “I spent two weeks […]

In promotion of his new RZA’s World App, The Wutang Abbot challenges Jay-Z to a friendly game of chess. “What up Jigga, holla at the RZA. Let’s get a game goin,” he says while brandishing some seriously over-the-top jewelry. One of the app’s features is a 3D chess game. “I think that would be a […]

RZA has been cast to play a violent Mississippi plantation slave worker in Director Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming film, Django Unchained.

Fans of the Wu-Tang Clan have noticed that the group’s self-proclaimed “Abbot”, The RZA, hasn’t been putting in much work on any of the group’s solo records.  In a candid interview with NYC’s Breakfast Club on Power 105.1, Raekwon says The RZA has just lost his ear for beats!