Oprah Winfrey paid $43.2 million to get a 10 percent stake in Weight Watchers, the Associated Press reports. That comes out to 6.4 million shares…


Dr. Oz is wrapping up his ultimate detox cleanse week, with a variety of ways to overhaul your body. The cardiothoracic surgeon turned talk show…


CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - It’s an epidemic that’s crippling the country.  According to a new study, the number of adults 100 lbs or more overweight continues…

When Jennifer Livingston, a local news anchor in La Crosse, Wisconsin, received an email from a viewer attacking her for her weight, she decided to…

A pill that gives you more energy and helps you lose weight? Sounds too good to be true and 19 action news found — it just may be dangerous! Watch our special report about the new super pill for women. Courtesy Of WOIO.COM Read More

Ruben Studdard visited by The Wendy Williams Show Tuesday to promote his fifth album, “Letters From Birmingham,” and discuss a number of other topics, including who should judge “X-Factor,” the truth behind his divorce, his tax problems and his former “American Idol” rival Clay Aiken’s chances on NBC’s “The Apprentice.” After Williams questioned Studdard about […]

A few years back, Rihanna openly discussed her disapproval of her father speaking out to the media. I imagine this latest interview, in which he admits that he told her at one point that she looked “fat” isn’t going to help matters. Speaking with Heat magazine, Ronald Fenty admits, “I actually thought she was a […]

Weight loss can be good. It can make your cheekbones and face structure more noticeable. It can be great for your health. But you know what? Sometimes it can just suck the life out of you. But these stars have a whole lot of life in them, and we love them like that: Tyra Banks: […]

CLEVELAND – If you’re looking to get healthier this new year, you may be wondering which diet you should pick? US News and World Report has released its list of best diets for 2012 and the DASH diet came out as the big winner. The plan is aimed at lowering high blood pressure by eating […]

Jennifer Hudson sings to her old self in a new Weight Watchers commercial that contrasts svelte J.Hud with the plus-sized version of the star. In a commercial for the weight loss program reminiscent of the passé trend of living celebrities doing duets with dead stars, an upgraded Hudson does a beautiful rendition of “I Believe […]

  Genetics! They make you tall, your eyes brown or blue and can even affect your weight. But what if there was a way to manipulate your DNA in order to stay thin? One simple test and you could have the formula to make the pounds melt right off. It’s the breakthrough that could change […]

Scientists say being fat can be bad for the bedroom, especially if you’re a woman.