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Ruben Studdard visited by The Wendy Williams Show Tuesday to promote his fifth album, “Letters From Birmingham,” and discuss a number of other topics, including who should judge “X-Factor,” the truth behind his divorce, his tax problems and his former “American Idol” rival Clay Aiken’s chances on NBC’s “The Apprentice.”

After Williams questioned Studdard about “X Factor’s” contract negotiations drama with Britney Spears, Studdard said his judge of choice would be: Mariah Carey.

“She wouldn’t pull any punches,” said Studdard, who also name checked former Pop Stars judge David Foster as another choice.

Regarding his divorce from his wife of three years, Surata Zuri McCants, he rejected Williams’ theory that McCants expected the high life when she married the Velvet Teddy Bear. Studdard said they were just “two people going in two different directions,” explaining that he wanted a big family and she already had a daughter.

He also said that although Studdard and Aiken are perceived as quiet guys, he’s not surprised that Aiken’s sense of humor is shining on “The Apprentice,” and added that Aiken is an entertaining and funny person, which he learned from living with the singer in the same house during “American Idol’s” second season, and on tour.

He even said that a production hand on the “American Idol” tour said that a camera should have been backstage just so people can see how “stupid” Aiken and Studdard really are.

Studdard also revealed that he has regained most of the weight he lost due to stress eating and “kicking it” following his divorce (sweets is his downfall, especially red velvet cake). Also, the title of his single, “June 28,” is the date he got married; he is very single, and is working with his tax attorney to repay the $100,000 in taxes he owes to the IRS.

“I won’t be the first person on television with that problem and I won’t be the last,” he said.

Source: EurWeb