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Every race has its stereotypes. And we’re all aware of the stereotypes directed at black women. There are stereotypes that depict us all as ghetto, loud, argumentative, bitter, etc… I don’t like to be stereotyped- especially negative stereotypes likes the ones I’ve listed above. That’s why, as a black woman, I’m very mindful of my words and actions, while refusing to play into “black woman” stereotypes. I’m still genuine to who I am, and I don’t try to serve as the PR representative for an entire race of people. But I also recognize that because of the culture black women live in, it’s wise for us to be fully aware of how and why other individuals form opinions about us. This way, we’ll be fully equipped to recognize, not play into, and even tear down any negative stereotypes when the spotlight is on us. My advice to all black women is this: Be mindful of the image you want to portray. Here are 10 ways to end “black woman” stereotypes.

Stereotype: Angry

How to end it: Smile- Black women are often stereotypes as being angry. And sometimes many of us do walk around with scowls on our faces. And this, for some people, confirms their suspicions about us being angry and bitter. But combating this myth doesn’t take much. In fact, one simple and highly effective way of dispelling this myth is by smiling. Smiling instantly makes you and the people around you more comfortable.

Stereotype: Argumentative

How to end it: Be Less Defensive- Yes, life can be unfair and black women are sometimes disrespected. Some Black women try to counteract this by overly aggressive with everyone they interact with. I don’t think it’s necessary- and there are better ways to handle people than by trying to dominate them. Furthermore, not everyone is out to take advantage of and/or disrespect. Don’t make it your life’s mission to “check” everyone that crosses your path.

Stereotype: Always on CP Time

How to end it: Be on time. We may joke about it among ourselves, but operating under CP Time can damage your personal and professional reputation.

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