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I was real iffy about it because I don’t want to get in between anybody’s beef …I have no problems with anyone.” – Stacy Callender

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery then Nicki Minaj should blushing pretty hard right about now.  A few weeks ago Lil Kim finally made good on her promise to drop her video “Black Friday,” a diss to the first lady of Young Money.  As is standard with any diss video there is a Nicki Minaj look-a-like. The long-legged impersonator earned a few chuckles as she struggled to maintain Lil Kim’s famous froggy-style squat in heels, but who is she?

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The young lady’s name is Stacy Callender, a 23 year-old Brooklyn native who attended the video shoot for “Black Friday” at the request of her friend Big Grand. She originally went with the intention of being an extra, having already been in Fat Joe and Trey Songz “If It Aint’ About The Money” and Ron Browz & Bobby V’s “I Like,” but when she actually met Lil Kim the Queen Bee had more in store for her. caught up with the aspiring actress to see what it was like being a center-piece in the most publicized rap battle of the past year.

TUD: Stacy, you play Nicki Minaj in Lil Kim’s Black Friday video. How did that all come about?

STACY: A friend of mine who is a upcoming rapper, his name is Big Grand, he hit me up and was like “Lil Kim is doing something in Fort Green.” So I met him out there [and] it was a lot of dudes.  I was [thinking] she probably won’t have girls in [the video]. I was not dressed up or anything like that but my makeup was done because I had just come from work.  So when she said “Where my girls at?” [My friend] was like “Go!” I’m like, No I’m not even dressed and he was like “yo Kim!” and pointed at me. She was like “Come here” and said “You’re so pretty, I love your hair.” We were talking brief talk and then she was like “I want you to be next to me in the stair case scene” and that’s how it started.

TUD: How did you end up playing Nicki Minaj in that scene?

STACY: How that happened…[Video Director] Picture Perfect and me we were networking and I exchanged numbers with him. We started talking about what I wanted to do, stuff like that. He was like “Yo Kim wants you to do this scene” and I was like what scene? and he was like “the Nicki scene.” I was like ahh I don’t know. I was real iffy about it because I don’t want to get in between anybody’s beef, because I have no problems with anyone. They’re both talented artist to me. He was like “Come on,”so I asked around for opinions from my friends and I got positive opinions from everyone. [So] I actually decided to do it. It was fun. That’s where my acting skills came out.

TUD: So it was never intended for you to be the Nicki Minaj look a like?

STACY: No it wasn’t intended, just [the] lead…it was a coincidence. Picture Perfect does everything with editing and all that and he comes up with ideas so I was like “OK.”

TUD: What exactly is your background with modeling and acting?

STACY: I’ve been modeling since I was 16 but I didn’t really take it serious till I was 18 when I started taking professional pictures. My mom passed away when I was 18, and she really wanted me to do it. So I tried it and I got noticed on Myspace [when] I put up pictures of myself with my camera. That’s how it started.

TUD: Do you think you look like Nicki Minaj? Have people ever told you that you do?

STACY: Yeah, actually with the hairstyle, the bang hairstyle. When I went to the hair salon–I’m not going to lie —I took her picture with me because I liked her hair and the color and cut so you know I wanted that hair. Ever since I got it everyone has been like “oh my god you look just like her.” I guess it’s our nose, cheek bones and the eyes I guess.

TUD: So what do you do when you’re not doing rap videos?

STACY: I work part-time at a medical office and I love the gym. I do have hobbies. I hang out, sometimes I host parties. Actually, I’ve been getting a lot of calls to host parties now and when they put me on the flyer it’ll say “Nicki look-a –like” and I’m like ahh let me hurry up do something else so they can notice ME.

TUD: What’s the reaction been to you being in the video?

STACY: I thought people were going to start talking about me, saying a couple of things. It’s going to happen regardless but I’m ready for that. I have strong bones right now.

TUD: So what do you want to do with this bit of exposure? Where do you want to take it?

STACY: I want to take it as far as I can. I love modeling, I love taking pictures, I love the camera, I love to speak so it’s like I want to take it as far as I can take it. I love being in front all the time. I love the attention honestly. That’s just me. That’s my personality. Some people look at me like “oh she’s cocky” because of my face but it’s natural. Sometimes you have to have that boss face.

Additional reporting by Jazzy F


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