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With reports of numerous high school and college aged students getting bullied at school and then later committing suicide last year,  there was definitely a need for an organization that would attempt to put an end to bullying and sucide. The “It Gets Better” project launched last summer, and since then, many celebrities have jumped on the bandwagon to show their support. Gabrielle Union, Eve and Keri Hilson all have given testimonies of their past experiences with bullying, and have uploaded videos telling stories of their past and occurrences of problems they faces as youth. Their videos offer inspiration, wisdom and encouragement for youth who are being bullied, and feel alone during times such as this and to let them know that they are special and don’t have to resort to suicide.

Keri Hilson’s story really moved me, and it was amazing to see how she took her mistreatment during school and used it as motivation to succeed in her career as an entertainer. In her story, she mentioned, “Today, right now, I can tell you if your going through the same thing, if you have a dream that you’re fighting and others are telling you, “just keep it a hobby” or others are telling you, “I don’t think you’re talented enough,” or others are telling you, “you should probably get a real job” or others are telling you whatever it is they’re telling you about your dream, about your look, your likeness, whatever….it gets better, it gets better. But you have to make it better.

Check out the full video below.

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