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via CNN

Charlie Sheen’s “Torpedo of Truth” looked more like a bomb Saturday night.

That’s when the actor’s “Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is Not and Option Show” opened in Detroit. The show had its moments, but was nevertheless marred by audience member walkouts, clamors for refunds and cries of ‘you suck!”

In response to one of those cries, Sheen fired back, “You gave your hard money and you didn’t know what this was even about and I am … here.”

The actor slipped a profanity into the sentence.

The Detroit show, the actor’s first in a 20-city North American tour, got off to a rocky start when the audience booed a warm-up comic off the stage. The show seemed to rebound after Sheen appeared before the crowd to thunderous applause as a big multimedia show played in the background.

The actor called on the crowd to rise for the national anthem, after which two women started kissing onstage. Sheen chomped on Twizzlers, donned a shirt from the TV show from which he was recently fired, then took the shirt off and told the women to burn it. They complied, dropping the shirt into a bucket and setting it on fire onstage.

The crowd ate it up — at first.

The show’s make-or-break moment appeared to come during the display of a film clip, “RPG,” which stands for rocket propelled grenade and features actor Johnny Depp. Sheen, who directed the film said it was about “redemption.” The audience appeared to turn restless in response and the actor abruptly turned off the clip.

Sheen then launched a Q-and-A session with the crowd. One audience member asked, “if you could be anywhere but here right now, where you would be right now?”

The actor replied, “Nowhere. I’m having a great … time,” again inserting one of the countless profanities Sheen uttered during the show.

Sheen also told “crack stories” and asked for a show of hands from audience members who might have tried the drug. After the show, Sheen thanked die-hard fans for sticking with him, called the show “an experiment” and then left the stage for good.

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Article courtesy cnn.com