A 22 year old New York man is behind bars this morning after killing his grandmother and stuffing her in the closet.

Larry Davis of East Harlem says he killed his 76 year old grandmother. His grandmother gave him $1 instead of the $175 he demanded. That’s when he hugged her to say thanks and then went on to BODY slam the elderly woman. After he noticed that she was dead, he shoved her body in a bedroom closet.

At first he claims he bumped her but later admitted that he pushed her intentionally because he was upset over the amount of money she gave him because he wanted more money.

Instead of calling 911 about his grandmother, cops say he surfed the net for porn, kicked it with a prostitute and smoked weed in the same room as granny was stuffed, for about 2 days.

Davis’ lawyer, wants his client released because the autopsy is not complete and the grandma, who survived two heart attacks, could have died of natural causes. #shutthefrontdoor!


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