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It seems that President Obama has played his political hand correctly, contrary to a previous argument stating that the revelation of his long form birth certificate gave Donald Trump more legitimacy. Donald Trump has seen his approval rating among Republicans take a severe beating since the public establishment of the fact that Obama was born in America. Trump, once a political contender, has been soundly defeated. The Atlantic Wire reports:

Trump’s support has gone from 26 percent among GOP voters — putting him at the top of the field — to 8 percent, a tie for fifth place, in the span of a month. Public Policy Polling finds that Trump now has a 53 percent disapproval rating among Republicans. The birther issue that sent him soaring to such great heights is what was his downfall: In February, 51 percent of Republican primary voters thought President Obama was born abroad; now just 34 percent think so. And among those die-hard birthers, Trump gets only 9 percent of their vote, putting him in fifth place. With Trump out of the race, Mitt Romney regains his lead, with 21 percent of the vote, followed closely by Mike Huckabee, with 20 percent.

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It probably helped that President Obama announced the death of Osama Bin Laden days after putting the birther conspiracy to rest, in a maneuver of calculated intelligence that rivals that deployed recently by the Navy Seals. Yes, President Obama knew what he was doing.

So the question is, what’s next for Donald Trump? Now that birthers have largely abandoned him, will he run as a third party candidate?  The answer is no. Trump told Fox News that he does not want to divert votes away from the Republican candidate who does run against President Obama in 2012, showing a rare instance of loyalty to an entity other than Donald Trump.  Maybe there is hope for the man.

But, Trump still has to face the mess he made by stirring up vicious beliefs to promote his agenda. Donald was recently accused of racism by black activist group Color of Change, and has made so many people angry that there is a boycott to disempower the mogul in the one area where he’s king – his hit show “Celebrity Apprentice.” Trump might try to slink away from the presidential race, but the tactics he used has ensured he won’t escape unscathed. If Donald Trump faces this fire an effort to restore a positive relationship with the public, it might make him a better person.

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