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Helping clear the air for worried fans, Cass told his supporters the arrest was related to only his probation violation.

“I’m still on probation from the situation I dealt with about six, seven years ago,” Cass told Cosmic Kev in an interview. “[Me living in New Jersey,] that’s why the police bought the whole SWAT team…I wasn’t even sure what I was charged with. they bringing the whole SWAT team out, they talkin’ about I’m on maximum security, I’m armed and dangerous — I didn’t even know what I was goin’ down for. I was confused and if I know if I was confused the people in the streets were definitely confused.” (Cosmic Kev)

Yesterday, Cass hit up Twitter to inform fans of his whereabouts after being released from jail this week.

“I just woke up.. The worlds not over yet.. But it’s over for these corny rappers.. RealRap!!! @Cassidy_Larsiny,” he tweeted May 21st. (Cassidy’s Twitter)

Despite initial speculation, Cass was only charged with a probation violation and not murder.

“In reference to the recent inquires regarding Barry Reese (aka Cassidy), on Saturday, May 14, 2011, Reese was arrested by Hackensack Police for a probation violation for a previous aggravated assault incident in Philadelphia,” said the Philadelphia Police Department’s public affairs office in a statement sent to “Reese was placed in probation violation status for non-reporting only. Reese is currently being held in Bergen County Prison awaiting extradition to Philadelphia. Reese is not wanted for any other crime / violation in Philadelphia.” (XXL Mag)

The rapper was arrested last weekend in New Jersey.

The Philadelphia Police warrant squad called the Hackensack Police Department on Saturday morning to tell officers there was an open warrant for Hackensack resident Barry Reese, also known as the rapper Cassidy, Hackensack police Lt. Timothy Lloyd said. The warrant was for violating probation, but Reese is also a suspect in a murder and two attempted murders in Philadelphia, Lloyd said. Philadelphia police knew from a prior investigation that the rapper lived in Hackensack, Lloyd said. (North Jersey)

Check out a new Cassidy freestyle below: