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Wish said long-lasting management problems eventually created internal conflicts in the group.

“What really happened was, as everybody know, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony been going through some s**tas far as management. We’ve been going through things like that for a minute. So we actually had a plan to do something with a management team, which didn’t work out. And I guess because some other reasons, or personal reasons, I think, came into play to where it wasn’t really about what’s better for us, it was just better at this point in time. And I didn’t agree with it, Kray didn’t agree with it, and Kray – and I’ma put myself on record as sayin’ this – he didn’t say he was leaving the group. He’s said that before, that’s real as f**k, I mean, that’s been said. But he didn’t say in this point in time, in this situation, he did not say he was leaving the group. That was said for him, and he just had to go with it.” (All Hip Hop)

He also stressed their brotherly bond and why solo ventures were always an eventual goal for the group.

“We already had this Australia tour planned, all that stuff planned, because you gotta remember, like I told you, in the beginning of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony we had plans to do things as far as who we are. It was group album, group album, solo album, solo album, solo album, you know what I’m sayin’? And between all of that, just to make everything come together, to make it glue, because as far as individuality we all want to do solo records. So, in a sense, you can see my frustration. Because every time it’s a window or a gate for me, something always happens. Because to me it’s always like if this tree in the middle of the park doesn’t grow, the branches ain’t shit. I don’t give a f**k what you do, how you do it, who you are, I don’t care about no solo artist at all.” (All Hip Hop)

Last month, remaining members Flesh-N-Bone and Layzie Bonesaid Krayzie’s decision to leave was hurting their legacy.

TMZ spoke with two of the remaining members, Flesh-n-Bone and Layzie Bone — who told us they think Krayzie is a “dumb f**k” for leaving the group because Bone Thugs “made him who he is.” In fact, Flesh tells us, “Krayzie might as well say ‘F**k Eazy-E‘ because he is disrespecting Eazy-E’s legacy by leaving the group.” FYI — Eazy-E is credited with discovering the group back in the early ’90s. Flesh says the group will continue to record music — adding, “Let [Krayzie] walk away … Bone Thugs will be here regardless. The group will not be affected by Krayzie going … he knows where home is.” (TMZ)

In light of the turmoil, SOHH hit up fellow Ohio native producer J. Rawls to get his take on the publicized situation.

“That’s all part of growing up and just life,” Rawls told SOHH referencing Krayzie Bone’s decision to pursue a solo career. “Look back at Pete Rock and CL [Smooth], you don’t want any group like that to break up because they’re two icons who paved the way for artists these days like Bone. But it happens. When I first met Bizzy Bone, we talked about it briefly but not too much, and he said everybody grows apart and that makes sense. You get money, you get fame, things happen. Ideas and attitudes change, egos, so it’s a part of life. It’s a fact of life. It’s hard to keep a group like that together for years. It happens and I guess that’s all I can say. I hate to say that but it’s a part of life and not even just in hip-hop but in life.” (SOHH)

Check out Flesh-N-Bone speaking on Krayzie Bone below: