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Comedian Dave Chappelle didn’t get many laughs during his appearance at Friday’s Zo’s Summer Groove charity event in Miami.

According to ENews he only told one joke during his 45 minutes on the stage. Instead he talked with audience members who were heckling him, answered four text messages, then left, telling the audience: “Alright ladies and gentleman it’s been a growing experience, I’m really glad I came.

CNN reporter Roland S. Martin was at the event and tweeted details about Dave’s strange routine.

This Dave Chappelle set is bizarre. He’s spent more time going back & forth with one audience member, & pretty much stopped telling jokes,” Martin wrote on the social networking site. “One woman just yelled, ‘Can you tell a joke so we can enjoy ourselves!’ He got texted four times during his show and actually checked them. I’m just not understanding what threw him off. He’s complained about folks videotaping his set, yelling out loud. I don’t get it. Chappelle says this is a ‘test of wills.’ He keeps saying ‘tick tock’ & he has ‘nothing but time.’ He’s just staring at the crowd & sighing. Then Dave started talking to me, asking if I was putting this on CNN. Yes, from the stage! He’s been on stage 46 minutes & told one joke.

Martin later wrote that Dave’s people told him the comedian hates to be heckled and when some audience members did that it threw him off completely.

Actress Gabrielle Union also took to twitter, but she was angry at the hecklers, not Dave.

I’ve seen Dave perform live and he is one of the funniest comedians you will ever see. It’s hard to say exactly what happened in Miami Friday, but it’s not the first time Dave has acted strangely.

In 2005 he abruptly walked away from his wildly popular Comedy Central show and the $50 million dollar check that came with it.


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