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Jay-z and Kanye’s ‘Watch The Throne’ Album is the most important album in Hip Hop history according to Elliot Wilson and the guys over at Respect Magazine. I wouldn’t say that the publication has an invalid argument but it will be interesting to see what ‘proof’ they are serving up when it hits newsstands next month.

Giving credit where credit is due, not only did Janye show fellow artists how to prevent bootlegging of their material in a world of piracy, but they produced a product that transcended across cultural borders. For a Hip Hop album to be #1 in 23 countries and currently the only Hip Hop album charting above the #20 spot in the US says a lot about where Hip Hop stands in the current state of music. At one point Hip Hop dominated the charts, however, years later it was hard to get a hit without a catchy beat and a simple dance to go along with it.

Pick up Respect Magazine featuring ‘The Throne’ on September 6th!

Missed the ‘Watch The Throne’ Documentary? Watch below



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