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School and student leaders at a rural 9-12 building are dealing with K2, an illegal substance that’s threatening student safety and the fall season.

Rumors always fly at a high school but when students at Western Reserve High in Collins came to administrators about others experimenting with K2, a potent synthetic marijuana, school leaders took it seriously.

An investigation found about 10 students had dabbled in the drug.  “Everybody needs to be aware of how powerful this drug actually is.  Hopefully we’ll have more students come forward and want to talk about it and see what the repercussions could be,” says Wakeman Police Chief Tim Hunker. 

Because it didn’t happen during school hours or on campus, they cannot be suspended.  But several are student athletes, so they’re suspended from competition until they can prove they’re going to see a drug counselor. 

“I think it’s been a big eye opener for this community, that things like this wont be tolerated.  We will deal with them as efficiently as possible,” says Western Reserve parent Stephanie Wilson.

Both parents and school leaders think the policy of a treatment option versus harsher punishments will be enough to stop other students from following suit, and get the offenders off drugs and back on the field.

 “I feel that they were adequate, dealing with the situation the best they could,” says Wilson.

“They’re growing and learning and making mistakes.  And I have every expectation that will handle it just as adult like as you and I would. I am 100 percent sure that they’re follow through and everything will be fine,” says Superintendent Rodge Wilson.

Several sports have competitions scheduled over the weekend.  If the offenders can’t prove they’re going for counseling, they’ll be benched indefinitely.

Article Courtesy of WOIO 19 Action News