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Everyone loves the warmth of another body, someone that makes you feel secure in who you are and provides affection. While you can get these things from many different places, very often you find yourself looking for them in a man’s arms. There’s nothing wrong with this in of itself but there is something wrong with needing a man to feel secure in who you are. Likewise, the need for love and affection should not keep you in a relationship that’s going nowhere.

These kinds of insecurities make it all too easy to hold on to Mr. “Right Now” or continually “work through” someone who continually lies or cheats. All the while, you’re missing countless opportunities to find someone truly worthy of being your man. Why not be single and give your self time to find him. Better still, strike out on your own and work on finding yourself.

You didn’t take his proposal seriously.

He’s made his intentions clear, you on the other hand are not so sure. Maybe he doesn’t measure up to the last guy you were in love with. Maybe he hasn’t proven himself. You like him well enough, so you stick around. You use him for comfort and stability. But you’re likely to be happier by building those qualities in yourself, then finding someone you can share them with.

He thinks bros come before–you know.

Any guy in pursuit of passion will slip out on his boys for the object of his affection. If you’re his main squeeze, he wants to be doing that regularly. So he’ll pass on many (not all!) a night out with the fellas to kick it with you. If he doesn’t, you might as well end it. He’s going to break up with you soon anyway.

He says, “I don’t want to be with you.”

If this sounds way to obvious to you, consider yourself fortunate. You would be surprised how many women are still with a man who’s admitted this. Sometimes it takes a while to seep in but some people just block it out. A guy may say hurtful things because he’s a jerk or angry and still want to be with you. But he’ll never say he doesn’t want you if he doesn’t mean it.

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