You know how men’s cologne seems to last all day but as soon as you leave the house, the smell of your perfume has already died? Biologists are paying attention, and there may possibly be a solution on the way—swallowable perfume.

Yes, popping perfume pills may soon be a way to keep that fresh smell all throughout the day. According to Netherlands artist Lucy McRae and synthetic biologist Sheref Mansy — who are developing the idea:

Swallowable Parfume is essentially a capsule containing synthetic fragrant lipid molecules that mimic the structure of the fat molecules naturally found in the body. When those lipids get metabolized by the body’s enzymes, fragrant molecules are released and excreted through the skin’s surface through perspiration. The strength of the resulting scent is determined by the individual’s acclimatization to temperature, stress, exercise, or sexual arousal.

Source: Madamenoire

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