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A private 2 hour film by Michael Jackson is about to become the target of one of the biggest auction battles in pop history.

The film was shot in 1993 in Buenos Aires during Jackson’s Pepsi-sponsored Dangerous tour. But Jackson was deeply dissatisfied with the project and scrapped the film, reports the Independent. The only known copy is owned by Jackson’s Brazilian chauffeur, who could make millions from the film.

The driver says the singer gave him the VHS tape as “a reward or bonus” for his “transportation services.” He leaked a portion of the video on YouTube until he was stopped by lawyers for Jackson’s estate.

Though he cannot now legally distribute the film, he can sell it. The film could be the last remaining major creation showing the pop star at the height of his popularity. It’s said to contain backstage scenes with a boy at the center of child abuse accusations leveled against the singer.

Jackson performed for some 3.5 million people in 69 performances during the Dangerous tour until the star quit, complaining of illness.

Would you want to see the tape?


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