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Let’s face it, nobody is perfect, not even you.  When it comes to friendships, we need remember patience and effort go a long way.  Your friend might drive you crazy one minute and make you bust out laughing another.  To be sure you are surrounded by your closest friends forever, take a look at these 10 ways to become a better friend.  Some of them might surprise you!

1. Face time. Regardless of how many texts you and your BFF exchange in a day, this form of communication cannot replace face-to-face time. An investment in real time together is an indication that, despite how busy you may be, you still matter to each other. When you need a shoulder to cry on, your cellphone won’t give you a warm hug or take you out for happy hour (if it does, tell me where I can get one!).  Oprah got it right when she talked about her weight battle and said, “I’m putting myself on the list’?”  It’s important that we put our friends on our “list” too.  Girlfriends are often the first thing women drop when life gets hectic.  Don’t let yourself get too busy for your friends.

2. Be her #1 fan. Support your friends in all that they do. Feel happy for her when she succeeds, and pick her up when she hits life’s roadblocks. Always talk well about her and keep her in your thoughts. When you see something that reminds you of her, send her a text to let her know. This will instantly bring a smile to her face.

3. Be there when she needs you the most (whether she asks or not.) Being a friend when times are good is easy, but showing up when her life is sucking is crucial. We know you’re busy, but take a moment to call or show up at her door. The gesture will speak volumes. Although you may not have all the right words your presence alone will be the comfort she needs. Just show up ready and willing, leaving any judgement at the door, to give her whatever she needs, be it recovery from a cheating boyfriend or search help after getting pink slipped.

4. Challenge her. A good friend is unafraid to challenge her friend’s actions, especially when they seem risky. However, there’s a fine line between challenging her ideas and telling her what to do. Be careful that you stay on the side of provocative debate without crossing into mom territory. Otherwise, she may not want to share her thoughts with you in the future and become offended and defensive in the meantime.

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