NORWALK, Ohio – The spirit rock outside South Central HIgh School in Greenwich reads, “Come Home Abbi.”  17-year-old Abbi Obermiller has been missing since the morning of June 7.

Norwalk police and Abbi’s parents believe her 20-year-old boyfriend knows where she is.

“I think the boyfriend wanted her away from us,” her mother Rose Obermiller said Monday evening.

Police believe Abbi initially left voluntarily based on text messages between she and her boyfriend, and because of a runaway note that Abbi left at her grandparent’s house.

“I just can’t take it any more of this drama,” Abbi wrote in the note, according to Norwalk Police Sgt. Jim Fulton. “It’s not good for me. I love you all. Hope to see you soon when this all blows over. Love, Abbi.”

Police also have text messages between Abbi and her boyfriend that indicate he knew where she was going and that he was involved.  Police say he has refused to take a lie detector test.

When asked if he thinks any harm has come to Abbi, Fulton said, “We’ve received some information that would indicate that.  It concerns us.  I can’t disclose what that is but we’re concerned for her welfare.”

Jim Obermiller said his daughter met the boyfriend last summer at a county fair, and he pleaded that his daughter return home.

“Abbi, we can work the problems out,” he said. “Come home.”

Anyone with information about Abbi Obermiller should contact their local police department.

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