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This story will make you cry.

Costa Concordia survivor has told how her husband saved her life before drowning – because there was ‘nobody there’ to save him. Frenchwoman Nicole Servel, 61, said Francis Servel, 71, gave her his lifejacket before they leapt off the sinking cruise ship. She said: ‘I owe my life to my husband – it’s obvious he saved me.’ She managed to swim for shore, while Mr Servel was swept underwater and drowned.’

The horrific story was just one of many to emerge after the cruise ship crashed into rocks off the Italian island of Giglio, Italy, on Friday night, leaving seven dead and 29 still missing. Speaking from her home near Toulouse, south west France, Mrs Servel recounted the terror as passengers were left in utter panic in the pitch dark, with little or no assistance from the crew.

‘He shouted: “Jump, jump, jump”. I can’t swim so he gave me his life jacket. ‘I froze and couldn’t jump, but he jumped off the ship and shouted upwards ‘Come on, don’t worry. ‘I jumped off and the last thing I heard him say was that I would be fine. Then I never saw him again.

‘The water was only eight degrees. When I was alone in the water I thought of my children, my grandchildren. The thought of them kept me afloat. It kept me living. I do not know how I did it.

‘I swam for several minutes. I am unable to say exactly how long. And then I found myself on a rock. Villagers came to pick us up. They led us to a church. I was very cold, frozen. In the sacristy we found a cassock. I took it. It made me warm.’

That’s true love right there and a scene right out of Titanic. Especially in light of all of the people acting like savages fighting over life rafts and life jackets. There is so much to be ashamed of from the the mess that it’s good to hear an inspirational story.

via Bossip

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