Did you check out Lil Wayne at the All-Star game over the weekend? The lil guy appeared to be in another world when reporter Dennis Scott asked him who he thought was going to win the game.

Lil Wayne starts out OK … sorta when he says, “I’m sorry, but, I’m going with the West.”

Scott then asks Weezy who he thinks is going to be MVP and here comes the weirdness:

“I think it’s going to be…I honestly..can I get three choices? I think it’s going to be, either LeBron, I think it’s going to be either Chris Paul, or I think its going to be the Black Mamba!”

It literally takes him 40 seconds (from :50 to 1:30) to communicate his incisive thought. Hmmmm. What were you smoking, Lil Wayne?

Watch, even though it’s… strange:

Source: EurWeb