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In yet another unbelievable turn of events, Mark O’Mara, George Zimmerman‘s lawyer, announced on Monday that Zimmerman is nearly broke and will ask the public to pay for his client’s defense, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

O’Mara — who seems to literally have something “new” to announce every week — claims that Zimmerman, only has $50,000 to his name and is reportedly $20,000 in debt.

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O’Mara contends that his financial situation has severely hampered Zimmerman’s lifestyle, “He really has to live as a hermit, unfortunately,” said Mark O’Mara. “He’s not doing well. He’s getting by.”

Interestingly enough, when Zimmerman initially established his website, he reportedly averaged $1,000 per day –  one of his highest days, though, he reportedly garnered $64,000 — according to court records. As a matter of fact, Zimmerman was initially so flush with cash, that he hid his money from both his attorney and the court, causing his bond to be revoked in June.

But supposedly, things have changed.

With the public seemingly cooling to his cause, O’Mara claims that the robust donations they once received have slowed down to a crawl. Even Zimmerman’s recent interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity didn’t encourage the public to replenish their coffers, according to O’Mara.

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The Orlando Sentinel reports:

Although the legal-defense fund has raised more than $250,000, those gifts have slowed, he said, and last month’s hour-long interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News failed to pump up donations.

“How much have I been paid?” O’Mara said. “Zero.”

O’Mara claims that the dearth of funds has affected much-needed developments in the Zimmerman case. Last month, Zimmerman claimed that he wanted to change judges in his case, because he thought Judge Lester was “biased,” but without the funds, O’Mara says that they have not been able to challenge Judge Lester.

O’Mara also wants to relocate Zimmerman because he says that Seminole County, Fla., where Zimmerman is currently hiding out, is both expensive and dangerous and Zimmerman is using his ever-depleting funds to pay for security.

Here’s the thing. At this point, who really believes anything that this guy says?

At his first trial, he and his family contended that they had such little resources, that Judge Lester was moved to make his bail only $150,000. Not even two weeks later, the truth would come out that he had more than $250,000 in his legal defense fund and had effectively hid $150,000 from the court.

Then the week of his second bond hearing, Zimmerman was able to raise a cool $20,000, with O’Mara even boasting that they had more than enough money to make bail:

…Defense attorney Mark O’Mara wrote that he would be working to free Zimmerman over the next several hours and would dip deeply into a legal defense fund that has a balance of $211,000, more than enough to cover the 10-percent non-refundable portion charged by most bonding companies.

Now, barely more than a month later, Zimmerman is crying like a little b*tch about his discomfort with location and indigency?

Give us a break.

Maybe if he stopped needlessly announcing irrelevant “developments” every week and took a break from making cameos on his website, he’d actually give anyone who actually commiserates with his murderous cause a moment to support him.

Really, it would be a breath of fresh air if he could just be quiet until it is time for him to make his shaky defense on the stand. Even better, why doesn’t he release a statement for all the world to hear AFTER he is sentenced for the voluntary murder of teen Trayvon Martin?

How about that?


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