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CLEVELAND – A raspy President Obama came jogging out of Air Force One to speak to supporters at Burke Lakefront Airport Thursday night. He arrived at around 8:20 p.m. The President left at around 9:30 p.m. and the crowds were gone by 10. But when the airport grounds were packed, it really re-affirmed something for the supporters to came out Thursday.

At the rally with her two boys, Jen McManamon nailed-it on the head when she said Obama in Cleveland shows, “Just how important Ohio is. I mean really, a lot of it is going to come down to us at this point,” said McManamon.

The President choosing to make Cleveland his last stop on his two-day, non-stop “America Forward” tour, solidifies just how important Ohio is to both candidates come November 6.

Reaching out to middle class voters, President Obama’s two-day “America Forward” tour included grassroots events in six different cities including Cleveland. Actually, this trip marks the 18th time President Obama has visited Ohio in 2012 according to campaign staffers.

During Thursday’s rally at the Burke Lakefront Airport, the President talked about what we’ve been hearing all along, topics that include Healthcare, Education and the National Debt. In fact, the president even made a joke saying he “feels bad for Ohio” because political commercials have been airing since at least the summer.

But an interesting comment the president made came when he said, “I don’t want your vote just because of what I have done. I want your vote because of what I’m going to do.” He was referring to his plans for a next presidential term, but it’s a comment that critics can easily attack.

Supporters stood by the comment Thursday. Dewain Hall who traveled from Clarion to see the president, told NewsChannel5, “I think he did everything that he could do. And so if he didn’t finish a promise, I think he’ll do it in a second term.”

Gennorris Williams-Herd from Cleveland and an Obama Campaign volunteer said, “I understand that he could not have done a lot of things the first four years, you always need some additional time and … right now, it’s about right now and moving forward.”

With all of that said, perhaps the biggest message heard throughout the Thursday program was vote early. Campaign organizers are hoping this will help smooth the ballot counting process come November 6 and the president joined this effort today when he casted his early vote in Chicago just before hitting Cleveland.

Supporters may hear that very same message next week when the president is expected to be back in Ohio. Only this time, President Obama is expected to join former President Bill Clinton in Youngstown on Monday

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