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Hmm, maybe T.J. Holmes‘ late night show “Don’t Sleep” is not the snoozer some think it is. Apparently BET thinks it’s a hit.

So much so that the network expanded the show to a full hour beginning tomorrow (11-14-12),  at 11pm Eastern. However, the show will only air on a weekly basis.

Hold up. Wait a minute, you go from doing a half-hour nightly edition to a one-day-a-week hour long version. Hmm, is that a promotion or demotion?

Well, while you ponder that, the net’s press release says the “award-winning journalist reaches deep into topics, empowering the community with the latest information and research. With an extra hour, imagine the possibilities of mind-expansion.”

Yes, imagine the possibilities. And what does T. J. Holmes have to say about the move?

“I am excited to have more time to delve into the topics that affect our community, content that will ignite, inspire, educate and empower us as a passionate collective and community,” he said. “The election proved people of color are a coveted segment within society with voices that deserve and require platforms and time to be heard so resolve and solutions can be implemented towards greater change.”

via EurWeb