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Do you walk around your office in your barefeet? Don’t. It is annoying your co-workers, and it seems there is a long list of habits that could be driving your co-workers nuts.

How about the person that warms up last night’s stinky dinner, like fish, that smells up the whole office. Very annoying.

Near the top of the office bad habit list, according to Cleveland Clinic Psychologist Scott Bea, the complainers.

“Here’s the funny statistic, 70% of American conversations are complaints anyway, so if we just listen up around the office we’re likely to hear some complaints about the working environment or co-workers,” said Bea.

Don’t take a call during a meeting, or at least if you do get up and leave the room. Taking a call, and talking in the middle of a meeting is considered highly annoying.  And don’t cut people off when they are talking, especially in meetings.

“People with a condition called generalized anxiety disorder actually interrupt pretty routinely. It’s typically that they feel they have a thing on their mind that is so urgent they just have to get it out,” Said Bea.

But it’s loud talkers that your co-workers really can do without.  Nobody needs to hear your conversations, while you’re on the phone or if you’re just shouting across the room.  And right with the loud talkers, the low talkers, don’t whisper in the office, your co-workers will think you are talking about them.

“If it’s loud talking, people might feel interrupted by the loudness. If it’s soft talking, people might get suspicious that you’re whispering about them,” said Bea.

SOURCE: 19ActionNews.com

Article and Picture Courtesy of WOIO 19 Action News

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