CLEVELAND – Most Browns fans might have been hoping the team would trade back into the first round and pick up another second-round pick in this year’s draft.

I say another because the Browns were able to let the second-round pick play last year in Josh Gordon, who many think would have been a first-round pick this season.

It sounds great to arm-chair general managers all over the country. They had the trade in place if they didn’t get the man they wanted and Mingo was the man they wanted all along. It seems like everybody wanted to trade back, in a draft that featured three out of the first four picks being offensive linemen.

So where does this leave you with Mingo? Browns fans are hoping that he is the pass rusher this team has needed for a long time. The Browns are banking on it.

On the eye test from his LSU highlight reel, he looks undersized. He’s going to need to put on some mass. He knows it. He has great speed from the outside.

The question down the road will be: Did the Browns reach on this pick? It’s going to be hard to tell. Most mock drafts had Mingo landing anywhere from six to 15.

From the outside, the Browns look like they made a solid pick. If he stays healthy and keeps his speed, he could be here for a long time. He fits the bill for new defensive coordinator Ray Horton. Attack, attack. attack. They found a player who can help right away.

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