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Kids of the world, take note. Your president has spoken and he knows his stuff. That would be Kid President, the self-appointed voice of a generation, who issued an open letter to all moms yesterday. You should watch the video above because it is hilarious and adorable. We are, however, also going to list KP’s 10 things every mom needs to know right here so that it is extra simple to send these very important messages to a mom in your life. Now, go clean your room and eat your vegetables.


Kid President’s 10 Things Every Mom Needs To Know (on behalf of all kids everywhere)

1. Put down the phone (unless your kid is named “Phone”).

2. Don’t name your kid “Phone.”

3. We love you. Just sometimes, we don’t know how to say it.

4. Stop cleaning.

5. Mom upside-down is Wow.

6. Let’s cool it on the meatloaf.

7. Thank you for cleaning up all the poop.

8. Have fun!

9. Hug more. Shout less.

10. The secret to changing the world is — moms.

Perfection, right? Happy Mother’s Day!

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