The pain at the pump is back with gas prices creeping up towards the $4 mark just in time for Memorial Day.

“You want to get out and travel.  You want to get out and see the different things that are going on around the city but the way gas is you kinda gotta throw a bar-b-cue at home sit on the porch and enjoy the weather,” Lotoya McCall told us.

After looking around town, the cheapest we could find was $3.69 at the Rapid Stop on E. 55th.

Less than a quarter mile down the road, we saw $3.79.  Further east, $3.85.

The sun is heating up and right along with it the gas prices are rising as more and more of us gear up for the start of the traditional driving season, Memorial Day.

From the oil and gas industry we get the same old lines, bad weather, refinery and supply problems.  What excuse are they going to use next, that an iceberg melted in the north pole?


Article and Picture Courtesy of WOIO 19 Action News

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