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Police officers were punished for a deadly police chase in Cleveland earlier this week.  One supervisor was fired, two more demoted and 9 facing suspension.

Mayor Frank Jackson reacted to the punishment Friday.

“You have two people who were shot 20-something times a piece and it’s as if it never happened,” Mayor Jackson said.

Jackson says that Malissa Williams and Timothy Russell were denied due process when they were killed in a hail of police bullets and by Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine’s report on the chase and shooting.

“The system failed the officers,” DeWine said in a press conference in February.

19 Action News report Harry Boomer asked the Mayor, “Mr. Mayor, it sounds as if you’re saying that the Attorney General, and pardon this pun, jumped the gun in releasing the info and the conclusion to which he came.”

“The Attorney General in doing what he did really damaged the credibility of the process and in doing that tainted the outcome, regardless of what the conclusion is,” the Mayor responded.

“They told you they knew what the policies and procedures were.  They told you that they made a choice not to abide by it and they told you the reason for that.  Because they felt this code of blue or all hands on deck.  The police chief said oh no that don’t go and that’s when they got a problem with the police chief,” the Mayor added.

Mayor Jackson is asking the public to be patient.  Because there are still more than 100 officers who have to be looked at as to what they did and didn’t do.  He says he wants the public to be satisfied with the process even if they don’t like the results.


Article and Picture Courtesy of WOIO 19 Action News

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