AMHERST, Ohio – Although the fight was captured on surveillance video, Amherst police were not able to identify anyone involved in a brawl at a Denny’s restaurant.

The incident happened on Saturday, July 27 just before 4 a.m. at the restaurant on North Leavitt Road. Police said punches and food went flying, and one of the women even grabbed a knife. It was all over a stolen cell phone.

The group left the Amherst Denny’s in shambles and left without paying. But they couldn’t out-run social media.

The Amherst Police Department, which had been mainly using its Facebook page to post photos, decided to post video of the fight. Within 15 minutes, three different tips identified people in the brawl.

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Police said people recognized one of the women, later charged with theft and obstructing police, as the owner of a local day care center. That led to five more people being charged.

“I’d say all of us were shocked by how fast and how much it was shared and how many hits. Eleven thousand that day due to the video,” Sgt. Dan Makruski said.

Other Facebook viewers got a laugh out of the one person who just kept eating fries and finished his plate during the fight.

Sgt. Makruski said police Facebook pages are a modern neighborhood watch, where everyone can tune in.

“The more people who get involved, the more crimes that can be solved,” Makruski said.


To see the names of those identified, click here:

Article, Video and Picture Courtesy of WEWS NewsChannel 5

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