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1. Thanksgiving

Turkey time: The monstrous winter storm fizzled.  Now the pans will sizzle. It’s turkey time! Or for you vegetarians,  it’s tofu time. Forecasters thought the Northeast could be turned into a Snowmageddon. Not a good scene during one of  the busiest travel times of the year. But the worst, which really wasn’t that bad, had passed by last night. The only thing left threatened was Kermit , Snoopy and their giant friends. The Macy Thanksgiving Day Parade folks said heavy winds could cause them to ground some of our favorite giant balloons. They’ll make a decision before the parade starts. And for those not in a turkey-induced (or tofu) coma later today, you can get started on shopping. K-Mart is one of a handful of retailers open today. You can call it Black Thursday.

2. Nigella Lawson

Scandal: Salacious details have been coming out about celebrity chef Nigella Lawson as a trial continues in the UK. And she’s not even the one on trial.  Two former personal assistants are accused of stealing some 300,000 pounds (U.S. $488,000) from Lawson and her ex-husband. Earlier this week, an e-mail read in court from her husband alleged that Lawson used drugs. The assistants would “get off” because, he wrote, Lawson was using cocaine and marijuana on a daily basis and “allowed the sisters to spend whatever they liked,” the e-mail said. The former assistants, Italian sisters, have denied they embezzled any money from the couple. The husband, renowned art collector, Charles Saatchi, is no stranger to headlines himself. In the summer, he was photographed in an argument with Lawson at a restaurant. He was seen with his hand around her throat. He was warned by the police. This led to their divorce. He is scheduled to testify today. Fasten your seat belts

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article courtesy of CNN.com

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