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Jerry Hatcher, Jr. (pictured) is a pint-sized hero with a huge heart. The 8-year-old decided to refuse his parents gift of a PlayStation gaming system and instead, use the money to feed the families of sick children at a hospital in Atlanta, according to WSB-TV.

Hatcher’s heartwarming idea was inspired by the fact that he had a sick baby brother, who was a patient at the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Apparently, Hatcher felt that when his brother was a patient at the medical facility, there were plenty of caring families who helped his keep hope alive. Hatcher now wanted to pay it forward by buying breakfast for the   families who had children at the facility, on Christmas Eve.

The little humanitarian took the $400 it would have cost for the PlayStation, to pay for the breakfasts. What did he receive in return for his act of kindness? “Seeing the looks on their faces, the surprise, the warmth in my heart from knowing that I did something good,”Hatcher told WSB-TV. “It’s better than any gift in the entire world.

When Hatcher’s $400 ran out, his act was so inspiring that other strangers followed suit to keep it going. In total, $600 was spent to feed about 100 families at the hospital.

Hatcher’s idea was so infectious that he inspired family members to start a charity called, “Feed the Family,” which will cover the meals of the families with sick children at a local hospital every Christmas Eve.

According to Hatcher, the feeling of receiving a gaming system in no way compares to showing some compassion to others. “Small acts of kindness can do a world of change for that person,” said Hatcher.

Way to go Jerry!

8 Year-Old Gives Up Christmas Gifts To Feed Families Of Sick Children  was originally published on newsone.com