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Sock it to me, sort of: So, snow is whipping across the northeast, the wind chill is giving everybody’s face a nearly subzero close shave, and the governor of Connecticut, Dan Malloy, comes out and basically says: ahn, ain’t nearly as bad as it was last year. Ok, it’s winter in New England and Chicago, and, sure, it snows there then, but the white blanket is flopping down a foot or a couple thick on about 100 million people. Driving is going to be ugly; there will be wrecks and tragedy, so it’s time to be careful – as usual this time of year. If you’re a snow bird, you might miss your flight to Vegas or Honolulu or spend a lot of time perusing airports in the process, while you wait on God only knows what plane to come get you. Flight cancellations were pushing 1,500 before dawn, with even more delays. New York, Boston, Philly and Chicago airports top the ugh list on Flightaware.com.


Sixty hot heads: This was not was your typical undercover sting. For starters, it was happening at an Indiana Dairy Queen. And the target was brains. Yeah, a brain bandit. The arrest last month of a 21-year-old suspect uncovered, police say, a macabre scheme to steal the brains of dead mental patients and sell them online. David Charles was allegedly peddling some 60 brains. And yes, amazingly there were customers. Court documents said some jars were sold on the auction site eBay by a middleman, despite a company policy against listing “humans, the human body, or any human body parts or products.”


Wanted. Dead or alive?: Aubrey Lee Price was declared legally dead, but it was allegedly part of a ploy to get away from the law. Seems he may have defrauded some investors out of their life’s savings to the tune of $40 million. That’s what the FBI said back when they were started chasing Price, a former banker who was also once a minister. So one can imagine why he’d want to disappear. Some say he jumped off a ferry in Florida a year and a half ago to make it look like he drowned. He didn’t, of course. Then he completely changed his look from clean-cut to a hippy hairdo – beard and all. That part worked. He really, really does not look like the same man. Sounds amusing, but it was cruel too. He never let his family know that he was still alive. Trying too hard to stay out of sight is what got him caught, it seems. His car’s windows were way too tinted for Georgia police, and they pulled him over for it on New Year’s Eve.

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